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Odine Limansky has over 20 years of experience in the paralegal field, ranging from family law, and civil law. Odine graduated from the Cal State Los Angles in 2002 with a degree in Communications then attended the University of Irvine to obtain her ABA Paralegal Certificate. Odine Limansky opened her business in 2003 and has assisted many individuals in resolving their legal problems through document assistance.


We mainly assisted friends and family with wills and divorces. Initially, we worked from home using a computer and printer and later realizing we could offer these services to the general public and help them save money resolving their legal problems. Shortly thereafter, we established the necessary certificates, licenses, and credentials to provide legal services and formed our business Orange County Legal Solutions. We continue to maintain our objective of providing an affordable way to resolve legal matters.


Odine Limansky


Nisien Notario

Paralegal Assistant

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